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Leader Training

The Scout Association is a voluntary movement dedicated to the development of young people between the ages of 6 and 25. Each week over 100,000 adult volunteers, in a variety of roles throughout the UK, help Scouting to achieve its aim. Whilst The Scout Associationís primary purpose is the development of young people, it also seeks to offer personal development opportunities to adults, both within their Scouting role and as individuals.

The Adult Training Scheme is one means by which adults in Scouting can be supported in their chosen role. It is also a means by which personal development needs can be met. Training is built around a number of key objectives which have been generated by taking into account the views of Counties, the requirements of the World Scout Bureau and the needs of The Scout Association:

- The scheme is modular, with a total of 36 modules in all. Adults complete only those appropriate to their role.

- Adult training should be accessible to all, regardless of geography, education, personal circumstances or special needs. There are at least two methods of meeting the key objectives so that adults can choose the most appropriate method to them.

- The scheme recognises prior learning, experience and existing knowledge of adults. It is not necessary for adults to attend training if they can clearly show that they are able to meet module objectives by demonstrating their skills in their Scouting role.

- Training provides opportunities for adults to interact with other adults. This can often be an effective way of learning and building contacts.

- Training uses familiar Scout methods, for example learning by doing and small group work, but these are complemented by methods such as workbooks, videos and e-learning.

- The scheme is UK-wide so that the training and modules that have been completed in one County will be recognised in another.

- There is the opportunity for adults to work towards an externally recognised award through the training they do in Scouting


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