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Beaver Scout Uniform

The diagram below shows the positions of the Beaver Scout Badges on their uniform. The group scarf, woggle and all badges are presented by the group to the Beaver Scout when they are invested.

What Do I Need To Buy?

The Beaver Scouts wear the following as uniform:

Navy blue scout activity trousers

Turquoise scout logo sweatshirt

Turquoise polo shirt.

'Scout Logo' baseball cap (not the Beaver logo cap)

Where Can I Buy the Uniform?

The uniform is available to purchase from:

  • Scout Shop Online - National online ordering service

  • Moonlight - 2 Parkfield Parade Feltham TW13 4HJ tel: 020 8384 1051


    No idea how to roll a scarf?

    Lay the scarf on the ground or a table with the long edge towards you. Roll the scarf up towards the point. A woggle holds the two ends together.

    Camp Blankets

    During the Beavers time with the Section they will be awarded, what we call 'occasional' badges, these usually stay on their uniform for a period of 6 months and then they are removed.

    We as a Group encourage our members to start a 'camp blanket' while thay are in the Beaver Section, on to which they can stitch any spare badges they achieve or buy. This can be any blanket of your choosing but there are specific Scout branded poncho style blankets available.

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