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The Balanced Program

The philosophy underpinning the programme is that every Scout should participate in a Balanced Programme over a period of time.

In Scouting, the word programme has a wide interpretation. Programme is not just about the activities that Scouts can take part in (almost anything from abseiling to zorbing). It is also how we do these activities (the Methods) and why we do them (values deriving from the Scout Promise).

Everytime we plan an activity for the Scouts we also consider how we might organise the activity and why we are doing it.

What we offer to young people in the Scout section is a Balanced Programme; a range of activities, events and experiences build around six Programme Zones. The Programme is balanced, by simply ensuring that over a given period (a month or a term for example) that there is something from each zone in the Programme.

Program Zones

Programme Zones split the whole programme into manageable areas. Each Zone represents a different development area in a young person's life. There are six Programme Zones in the Scout Section. They are:

  • Beliefs and Attitudes
  • Community
  • Fit for life
  • Creative Expression
  • Global
  • Outdoor and Adventure
  • It is recommended that our troop spend roughly 50% of its programme time working within the Outdoor and Adventure Zone.

    Methods of Delivery

    These Zones are delivered using 10 methods, which give the programme variety and range. Sometimes one method will be more suitable than another. On occasions we may use a number of methods within the same activity. The Methods are:

  • Activiies outdoors
  • Games
  • Design and creativity
  • Visits and visitors
  • Service
  • Technology and new skills
  • Team Building activities
  • Activities with others
  • Themes
  • Prayer, worship and reflection
  • In addition to the Programme Zones and Methods, there is a also a third element to the Balanced Programme. It identifies what you as parents might expect to see if you walk into a Troop meeting. You need to be aware of it as it very much reflects the experience of being a Scout.

  • Activity
  • Fun
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership and Responsibilty
  • Relationships
  • Commitment
  • Personal Development
  • 8th Ashford Scouts 2014
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