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The GSL blog - Summer 2016


8th Ashford On Parade

On Saturday I had the very real pleasure of being the Activity Leader for the annual trip to Wandsworth for the Pantomime. This years 'Dick Whittington' was as usual up to a very high standard and I know the audience almost enjoyed it as much as the cast!.

It was my last 'official' trip with 8th Ashford and my last as Group Scout Leader. I was very touched by the fantastic rendition of my leaving song by all present. The presents are greatly appreciated but were not necessary as I have always had so much in return from Scouting within 8th Ashford, however the book on Cornwall signed by all the Leaders will be treasured by me forever.

I leave the group in the very capable hands of Julie 'Otter' Reed and a very enthusiastic leadership team. In the past 15 years since my son, Matt and I, joined Beavers, 8th Ashford has held a very special and proud part of my life. The founder of Scouts; Sir Robert Baden-Powell said "The scout is not governed by don't, but is led by do". 8th Ashford has always been a Group of Leaders and young people that are happy to do.

I will keep in touch and if all my plans come off you will be able to visit and camp in my forest garden in Cornwall. I wish you all the best in Scouting and Life, enjoy both, they are the same. Be Prepared.

Michael Wierenga GSL Emeritus.

Family Fox proud to be on parade
8th Ashford Scouts 2014
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